Invented by NASA specialists in the second half of the 17th century, memory foam was also introduced in the mattress industry. Memory foam mattresses were used at first in hospitals, for patients that were bed ridden on long term basis. When patients reported they slept better and their back and neck pain was gone, the word got out and private companies started advertizing for their new revolutionary products.

Memory foam used to be very expensive and hard to find, so, in the beginning, mattresses made of this material were only accessible to the rich people. However, since their properties were highly appreciated and demand was increasing exponentially, new and new production companies appeared, causing the price to decrease substantially.

Nowadays, everywhere you look, every furniture producer, every home appliances store and most websites in this niche advertise for memory foam mattresses and the prices and characteristics of their products differ dramatically.

So how can you choose the best Memory Foam mattress?

Read on and you’ll discover the features that make a memory foam mattress worth buying!

Note: Don’t try to choose your mattress by simply sitting or lying on it. Memory foam reacts to body temperature, so the first impression it leaves is one of hardness. Also, keep in mind that mattresses are made of several layers, out of which only the top layer is memory foam. The rest of the layers are usually made of regular foam, meant to allow the mattress to preserve its shape.

The following aspects should be taken into account when looking for a memory foam mattress:

  • IDF, or Indentation Force Deflection, is the measuring unit for the memory foam “giving” capacity. Its values usually vary between 10 and 16, where 10 equals soft and 16 equals rigid. Unless your physician or chiropractor recommends otherwise, you should usually go for a 12.
  • Density – Although different types of foam have different densities, the figures usually vary from 1 to 7 pounds per cubic foot. And even though most producers offer mattresses between 3.5 and 4.5 pounds per cubic foot, the highest quality is usually associated with densities above 5 pounds, level above which mattresses are known to perform better and last longer.
  • Memory foam layer thickness – As mentioned above, these mattresses are made of at least two layers, sometimes three, out of which only one consists of memory foam. Therefore, the thickness of the memory foam layer is very important. It is usually influenced by density, but figures vary between 2 and 6 inches. A four or five inch memory foam layer should do.
  • Warranty – Since memory foam mattresses are a bit more expensive than conventional mattresses, warranty should also be an important factor of choice. It is not the same thing having 10 years of warranty on your mattress as having 20 years, so study your options carefully and choose whatever seems more reliable.
  • Producer – Memory foam mattresses are highly popular, so there are quite a few companies out there selling regular foam under memory foam label. Besides, 10 or 20 years of warranty are useless if the producer is not going to be around to fix the problems or reward you in case anything goes wrong. It is, therefore, very important to choose a producer with a solid reputation and good perspectives.
  • Price – It is said to reflect quality, but don’t look just after the price tag to choose your mattress. It does not matter how much you wish to spend or what the vendor says. Get the information you need, compare prices and make a decision when you are ready. Besides, keep in mind that this is an investment you are making for the rest of your life. Quality and benefits should be your main concern.
  • Delivery – Most companies deliver their products to your doorstep, but before you go ahead and pay for anything, make sure you know what the terms are, who is going to pay for the delivery, how long will it take for the mattress to be delivered etc. It would be a shame to pay for the mattress and discover that it will only be delivered after a month, or that the delivery is going to cost you a fortune.
  • Special offers – They are not mandatory, but it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes open. You may get a significant discount on your memory foam pillows, or even on a memory foam topper, so that you can use your old mattress for your country home or the lake cabin.

Tips to Remember, when shopping for a Memory Foam Mattress!

  1. Memory foam mattresses are by far heavier than regular mattresses, so it is very important to make sure that your bed structure can support such weight. Put it to test and call a carpenter if necessary. It would be a pity to have your mattress and not be able to use it.
  2. New mattresses usually have a specific smell that not everyone finds likeable. Unpack your mattress and leave it in an inhabited room or on the terrace to air-up for a couple of days and eliminate the smell.
  3. Never use your electric blanket on a memory foam mattress. The heat will cause the memory foam to soften and lose its capacities. Your mattress may seem a bit colder the first couple of minutes, but it will soon adjust to your body temperature and you’ll forget you ever felt chilly.

The above being said, choosing the best memory foam mattress should not be that hard. The final decision will be yours, of course, but thinking about your comfort and peace of mind, there is one piece of advice you might find useful: Buy your mattress online.

You may still have your doubts, but think about it this way: while there are just a couple of retailers in your area, the internet abounds with offers one better than the other. More than that, showrooms and stores involve paying rent and employees’ salaries (added to the price of the products), while the internet is completely free.

But, as mentioned above, the decision is yours, so have fun shopping and enjoy your new Memory Foam Mattress!

Nowdays more people are finding out about the benefits of memory foam mattresses. A good memory foam mattress has the power to drastically improve sleep patterns, and can additionally help to alleviate some medical problems.

There’s an ever increasing array of mattresses on the market, and this can make the selection process of shopping for a mattress, topper or bed bewildering to new buyers alike.

Our aim is to help you make an informed choice about buying the right memory foam mattress for your needs.

A Guide To Buying A New Memory Foam Mattress

The Benefits Of Memory Foam

Memory foam is unique as a surface because of its ability to reduce pressure points, as well as its ability to conform to the body, and provide consistent support to all who sleep on it.

When laying down, the areas of our body that rest most heavily on the mattress are often refered to as pressure points. As you sleep, these pressure points can cause discomfort, thus leading to the tossing and turning that many of us experience at night. These disturbances deny us of the deep sleep our body needs and can affect our daily lives, night after night.

Additionally to this, memory foam allows for a correct alignment of the body, keeping the spinal column in a natural position. Sleeping with misaligned vertebrae is a major cause of back pain and often even more serious conditions. Memory foam helps to avoid these all too common conditions.

Is Memory Foam Worth The Extra Cost?

Memory foam is a technologically advanced product, so it’s more costly to manufacture. This means that at retail, memory foam is significantly more expensive than other types of foam. You should be prepared to spend anywhere from $90 for a double/twin to $400 for the larger CA king size high quality toppers, this depends on variables like thickness, density and size of the topper/pad. A top quality memory foam mattress can cost anywhere from $400 to $2500 depending again, on several variables.

Buyers should also remember that it isn’t necessary to buy the most expensive brand on the market in order to get a high-quality product. For years, the only memory foam beds available were the expensive store only brands. These beds can cost up to $3500, and while they are a high quality product, you will also be paying extra for the mall rent, brand name, staff costs and sales agent fees etc.

Fortunately these costs are avoided by buying a memory foam mattress online via, thus avoiding the additional costs that mall stores impose.

We seek out the very best quality brands like Sleep Innovations® , PureBliss® and Sarah Peyton®, and offer the security of buying through trustworthy Amazon stores that provide FREE shipping direct to your door. Buying a new memory foam mattress has never been so affordable.

Do I Need A Memory Foam Mattress Or A Mattress Topper?

The first decision that must be made regarding memory foam is whether you require a new mattress or a mattress topper.

Memory Foam Mattresses

A new memory foam mattress is the best system, and only a full memory foam mattress will give you all of the benefits of memory foam. In addition to being the healthiest sleep systems available, memory foam mattresses are far more durable than traditional inner sprung mattresses, they have a life span of up to 25 years without flipping.

Quality memory foam mattresses tend to have 2 or 3 layers of foam of different densities that are designed to work together, more than just the sum of their parts, these different layers provide the ideal balance of support and body conforming softness.

3 layer mattresses are usually better than their 2 layer counterparts, however some manufacturers are now producing 5 or 6 layer mattresses.

Anything more than 4 layers are often just a marketing gimmick, and don’t provide any extra benefits for sleep. Mattresses with numerous layers also have more seams to tear and more layers to break down, although this is very rare, it’s a factor to take on-board when purchasing your new mattress, although most quality brands provide a generous guarantee so this is not that big of a deal breaker.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is a simple and affordable alternative to a complete memory foam mattress. A topper is a layer of memory foam designed to put over an existing conventional/spring mattress. They come in a different variety of thicknesses and densities, and offer many of the same benefits as a complete memory foam mattress.

The crucial thing to consider about memory foam toppers is that they are only as good as the foundation they’re sitting on. If your old mattress has sags or other inconsistencies, this can make your memory foam topper sag too. This can lesson the topper’s ability to provide the support that memory foam is famous for.

As a general rule, if you’ve had your mattress for 5-6 years or longer, you should look into a new memory foam mattress, rather than just a topper.

Memory Foam Density

Density is very important to the characteristics of a memory foam mattress, and is even more important when choosing a topper.

The density of memory foam is measured in pounds per cubic foot. The higher the density of foam, the longer the memory, this means it conforms precisely to the body, and then regains it’s original shape slower. Higher density foams tend to change temperature slower, and usually feel firmer initialy, that is before natural body heat softens the foam.

For people who prefer a firm surface, it’s best to choose a topper with a density above 4 lbs./cubic foot. Anything above 5.5 lbs./ cubic foot is very firm, and will be unresponsive to both temperature and movement.

For people who like a softer surface, a topper with a density above 3 lbs./cubic foot will work well. All memory foam with a density of less than 3lbs./cubic foot should be avoided, it is simply not dense enough to do the things that make memory foam mattresses so beneficial.

Memory Foam Thickness

Selecting the right thickness of your foam topper is just as important as selecting the right density, the two are very closely paired together.

Those who prefer a firm sleep surface, as well as those who often sleep on their stomach, should go with a 2 inch, high density topper. The high density memory foam, 4 lbs/cubic foot, and above will provide the right support, and the 2 inch thickness will prevent stomach sleepers from sinking too deep into the surface of the mattress.

For side and back sleepers, or for those who sleep in a variety of positions, a three inch topper is usually the best way to go. Three inch toppers of a lower density, (three to four lbs/cubic foot) are also the best choice for those who prefer a soft sleep surface.

As a general rule, the higher the density, the thinner the pad can be while still providing proper support. With lower density foam, the pad will need to be thicker to provide adequate body support.

Sauce of shrimp paste is a good food and it is used a lot in the daily meals of people. But when buying sauce of shrimp paste, some people are worried because they do not know how to preserve it in a long time which still retains quality. And this following article, sfood will help customers some tips to keep the flavor of sauce of shrimp paste. First you should refer to the article of elements ensure the quality of sauce of shrimp paste at

  1. Preserve sauce of shrimp paste in the hot sun

When it is hot, food is very fast get spoil, but it will be very easy if you know how to preserve . Currently, all houses have a refrigerator. You just put the sauce of shrimp paste into the cooler of the refrigerator and it still retain its full flavor.

Many people wonder if should put sauce of shrimp paste in the refrigerator or not? By the way, Sfood claims that it is always possible to preserve sauce of shrimp paste in the fridge! Storage in the refrigerator will prevent the bacteria from multiplying under normal conditions.

If you make sauce of shrimp paste, then you put the small parts into the cooler, when you eat, just take the small parts and then bake in the microwave oven to preserve the taste of shrimp sauce.

If you buy sauce of shrimp paste in the store, just to put in the cooler, and remember not let other food into sauce of shrimp paste!

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  1. Preverse sauce of shrimp paste in cold weather

It is not so difficult to keep food in the cold weather. With normal temperature, your sauce of shrimp paste is enough to retain the taste. But keep it in a cool, clean place; avoid sauce of shrimp paste near the kitchen because of getting spoiling.

If you want to be sure in preservation you can let sauce of shrimp paste in the cool refrigerator. When you eat just take a few bowls and then cover carefully, so you can completely preserve sauce of shrimp paste in a good way.


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The mere mention of Mekong leaves many tourists with a sweet aftertaste. For those who have had the chance of visiting the tourist town of Vietnam, this is a classic case of a perfect tourist destination. That is not the point; most people ask whether it’s worth the hassle.

5 Reasons Why Visiting Mekong is Worth Your Money

Depending on where you sit and your experience with the local friendly population, you may have a different opinion. However what most people share is that the Mekong Delta has all that one may be looking for and takes care of every coin spent.

5 Reasons Why Visiting Mekong is Worth Your Money

If you are an individual from areas which are bordering Vietnam, there is an overall assumption of what happens within the Mekong Delta. There are reasons why most visitors agree and even make a return to visit this area.

  1. The real life experience

The last time I went to the Mekong Delta, I was in a large group of tourists. Our whole package was meant to take us to the various villages and all the sites that the villages have. Our tour party arrived on the eve of the beginning of one of the Vietnamese festivities.

I no knowledge of the local language but thanks to the guide, I quickly got to learn a few phrases that greatly helped. We booked in at one of the hotels on the outskirts of Mekong to begin our journey the next day.

Taking the first ride to the village was rather frightening as our guide came to pick us up in one of the horse-drawn carriages that are popular in this part of the world. As we trudged along the conclusion I made was that Vietnam was a beautiful place with few changes to its quiet life.

Some of the reasons that those who are pro the Mekong Delta include;

Travel savings

Travel savings

  1. Beautiful scenery

With the several options available to the visitor, one can sample the floating markets of Cai Rang which form Can Tho’s popular tourist attractions. Though the Mekong Delta has a lot to show, the fact that the sites are all clustered together in one place is a great challenge to those who visit this area.

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  1. High-level hospitality

For what Vietnam is known for, Mekong is an accurate picture of the courteous manner of the people. Save for the traditional cultures; you are likely to see very responsible people with welcoming smiles.

Moreover, traveling to the villages is an organized affair unlike in other tourist areas. In spite of all these, if you dreamt use certain means of transport to the various islands, you may just make do with the different boats as that is the most popular.

Another reason for an additional level of hospitality is the standard of service. You will not part with any tips in Vietnam and Mekong in particular. For its safe alleys, I would be honest, try visiting the traditional villages.

  1. Tantalizing dishes

You can forgive this area for serving the original traditional Vietnamese dishes. Most restaurants in the Mekong will give you a taste of Vietnamese food. Walking about, you will realize that the specialization in the food sales is unique, another reason for paying the area a visit.

However, the particular manner of the restaurants with single line menu does not allow for choice. You may be prepared to move to the next restaurant to have another sample of Vietnamese cuisine.

  1. A chance for significant interaction

Paying a visit to this area will be an experience to behold if you plan to make links. In most packages, the tourist Packages sold in groups, an opportunity for those who travel here to build networks.


Many visitors who throng this part of Vietnam have different experiences. The greatest one usually pops up as the love they had for the area. The transport, though at times looking rather disorganized seems to work.

The whole experience is lovely and worth doing again. If not for the issues of having to move with large chunks of cash, visiting the Mekong is worth every coin. There are some aspects which many sites like the challenges with booking.

If you ask for my opinion, I can recommend visiting the Mekong each time you need to break from the hassles of life. You can try it this festive season.

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