5 Reasons Why Visiting Mekong is Worth Your Money

The mere mention of Mekong leaves many tourists with a sweet aftertaste. For those who have had the chance of visiting the tourist town of Vietnam, this is a classic case of a perfect tourist destination. That is not the point; most people ask whether it’s worth the hassle.

5 Reasons Why Visiting Mekong is Worth Your Money

Depending on where you sit and your experience with the local friendly population, you may have a different opinion. However what most people share is that the Mekong Delta has all that one may be looking for and takes care of every coin spent.

5 Reasons Why Visiting Mekong is Worth Your Money

If you are an individual from areas which are bordering Vietnam, there is an overall assumption of what happens within the Mekong Delta. There are reasons why most visitors agree and even make a return to visit this area.

  1. The real life experience

The last time I went to the Mekong Delta, I was in a large group of tourists. Our whole package was meant to take us to the various villages and all the sites that the villages have. Our tour party arrived on the eve of the beginning of one of the Vietnamese festivities.

I no knowledge of the local language but thanks to the guide, I quickly got to learn a few phrases that greatly helped. We booked in at one of the hotels on the outskirts of Mekong to begin our journey the next day.

Taking the first ride to the village was rather frightening as our guide came to pick us up in one of the horse-drawn carriages that are popular in this part of the world. As we trudged along the conclusion I made was that Vietnam was a beautiful place with few changes to its quiet life.

Some of the reasons that those who are pro the Mekong Delta include;

Travel savings

Travel savings

  1. Beautiful scenery

With the several options available to the visitor, one can sample the floating markets of Cai Rang which form Can Tho’s popular tourist attractions. Though the Mekong Delta has a lot to show, the fact that the sites are all clustered together in one place is a great challenge to those who visit this area.

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  1. High-level hospitality

For what Vietnam is known for, Mekong is an accurate picture of the courteous manner of the people. Save for the traditional cultures; you are likely to see very responsible people with welcoming smiles.

Moreover, traveling to the villages is an organized affair unlike in other tourist areas. In spite of all these, if you dreamt use certain means of transport to the various islands, you may just make do with the different boats as that is the most popular.

Another reason for an additional level of hospitality is the standard of service. You will not part with any tips in Vietnam and Mekong in particular. For its safe alleys, I would be honest, try visiting the traditional villages.

  1. Tantalizing dishes

You can forgive this area for serving the original traditional Vietnamese dishes. Most restaurants in the Mekong will give you a taste of Vietnamese food. Walking about, you will realize that the specialization in the food sales is unique, another reason for paying the area a visit.

However, the particular manner of the restaurants with single line menu does not allow for choice. You may be prepared to move to the next restaurant to have another sample of Vietnamese cuisine.

  1. A chance for significant interaction

Paying a visit to this area will be an experience to behold if you plan to make links. In most packages, the tourist Packages sold in groups, an opportunity for those who travel here to build networks.


Many visitors who throng this part of Vietnam have different experiences. The greatest one usually pops up as the love they had for the area. The transport, though at times looking rather disorganized seems to work.

The whole experience is lovely and worth doing again. If not for the issues of having to move with large chunks of cash, visiting the Mekong is worth every coin. There are some aspects which many sites like the challenges with booking.

If you ask for my opinion, I can recommend visiting the Mekong each time you need to break from the hassles of life. You can try it this festive season.

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