How to preserve the sauce of shrimp paste with delicious taste

Sauce of shrimp paste is a good food and it is used a lot in the daily meals of people. But when buying sauce of shrimp paste, some people are worried because they do not know how to preserve it in a long time which still retains quality. And this following article, sfood will help customers some tips to keep the flavor of sauce of shrimp paste. First you should refer to the article of elements ensure the quality of sauce of shrimp paste at

Preserve sauce of shrimp paste in the hot sun

When it is hot, food is very fast get spoil, but it will be very easy if you know how to preserve . Currently, all houses have a refrigerator. You just put the sauce of shrimp paste into the cooler of the refrigerator and it still retain its full flavor.

Many people wonder if should put sauce of shrimp paste in the refrigerator or not? By the way, Sfood claims that it is always possible to preserve sauce of shrimp paste in the fridge! Storage in the refrigerator will prevent the bacteria from multiplying under normal conditions.

If you make sauce of shrimp paste, then you put the small parts into the cooler, when you eat, just take the small parts and then bake in the microwave oven to preserve the taste of shrimp sauce.

If you buy sauce of shrimp paste in the store, just to put in the cooler, and remember not let other food into sauce of shrimp paste!

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Preverse sauce of shrimp paste in cold weather

It is not so difficult to keep food in the cold weather. With normal temperature, your sauce of shrimp paste is enough to retain the taste. But keep it in a cool, clean place; avoid sauce of shrimp paste near the kitchen because of getting spoiling.

If you want to be sure in preservation you can let sauce of shrimp paste in the cool refrigerator. When you eat just take a few bowls and then cover carefully, so you can completely preserve sauce of shrimp paste in a good way.


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Buy sauce of shrimp paste with quality preservation technology from Sfood

If you do not want to worry about the delicious sauce of shrimp paste that will be rancid, then you can choose the safe way that is buy sfood’s sauce of shrimp paste.

If home-made sauce of shrimp paste without the use of preservatives, the storage is only about 3-4 days but sauce of shrimp paste from sfood can be stored up to 10 days, with cool refrigerator it stored up to 30 days.

Many customers wonder why sfood products are preserved in a long tim. We ensure that sfood does not choose a chemical preservation to keep the flavor of the product.

Sfood’s sauce of shrimp paste is preserved in British sterilized technology. Sfood has found that products such as sauce of shrimp paste are very high in protein, so it is very difficult to store. So it is important to use the new sterilization technology to retain the taste of this dish for a long time and leave it in a clean and beautiful glass jar.

That is the reason why sfood’s sauce of shrimp paste is preserved longer than others.

Sfood’s sauce of shrimp paste is not only guaranteed for quality ingredients: pork, shrimp, spices … but also handmade and good preservation. So mothers choose sauce of shrimp paste for their children eat along with rice.

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