Booking Ba Na tour to take part in imposing B’festival

Ba Na is known as second Sa Pa of Viet Nam, “climate pearl” of Centre of Viet Nam, a one of famous advanced tourism centre in Indochina. This is a green lung of Da Nang City because this is the only place bring tourists to enjoy fresh atmosphere and feel the change of 4 seasons in a year. Coming here, tourists can immerse in Paris-a luxurious and and animated city, take part in eventful festivals and especially in next time, a special beer festival (B’festival ) will be hold here. Let’s book tour and leave for Ha Noi right now!

Wine at Bana Hill

Ba Na is located on Truong Son ranges, its altitude is 1487m and temperature often fluctuate around 203C . Ba Na is regarded as “climate pearl” because you can close your eyes and enjoy 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) in only one day when you are here. Many tourists came to Ba Na and complimented on wonderful views and fertile forests of central coasts,  images of oceans in the distance, Da Nang  becomes a tiny city from perspective of Ba Na. They will be equanimous, relax and enjoy themselves in nature when seeing  beautiful sceneries of Ba Na Hills.

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Being frenetic in Ba Na Hills B’festival 2017

This event is being held from ⅛ to 3/9 in Du Dome – French Village. With affable friends from France, eventful atmosphere, beer and music, you will be jubilant and forget all worries in life before.

With 2 main types of beer have produced in Viet Nam by France technology, all these things will bring you a new motion in special flavour. Especially, coming to this beer party, tourists will be served warm cup of beer by open-minded and beautiful European girls. To savour the most great cups of beer, tourists can drink beer and eat delicious dishes such as grilled dishes, German sausage, toast. Being drunk in yeast, savouring foods and talking to gentle friends, all these things are so wonderful.

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The atmosphere are more interesting with many artistic activities in the area of Du Dome Square-France Village and tourists can enjoy them comfortably. The tourists can immerse in eventful atmosphere of music through performances of handsome boys.

To make beer party more wonderful, tourists should not be afraid to wear traditional clothes of Frenches. Tourists can rend  stalls showing goods in Ba Na Hills, the color and designs of goods will make tourists satisfied when wearing new colorful clothes.

Besides of special activities, Du Dome Square in time of this festival are decorated by yellow color of beer and flowers of buckwheat. This is a good time for you to wear colorful festival clothes, dance with Europe artists, drink cups of beer, feel in music tunes, even yelling with friends,… These things will be your memorable of tourists when coming to Ba Na on this occasion of festival.

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