Sleep Number Vs Purple. How to Choose Mattress?


In this article, the Purple Mattress is further weighed against another fabulous mattress of USA – called the Sleep Number. The comparison of their relative prodigies and adversaries will enable a user to guess the better one for usage in view of their requirements. But if need foam mattress, Check out here

The conclusion, however, has further helped them to strengthen their choice against the parameter of benefits and adversities. How to choose the mattress with Sleep Number Vs Purple

Sleep Number Vs Purple. How to Choose Mattress?

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

The Purple Bed Queen Size Mattress is known for its attractiveness and comfort level. The unique configuration helps the user to enjoy relaxed sleeps at night. The beautiful combination of poly foam and poly-grade material goes to bring about a somber feeling. This combination helps to disperse body weight evenly throughout the mattress. This firmness of this mattress can be stated as some sort of quasi-medium firmness. The ingenious Smart Grid design helps to get the consumers the best and acquired soft and firmness as per the requirement. The mattress thus is able to support the whole body. Though recommended for all, this mattress is ideal for a back and side sleepers. The top layer foam can dissolve pressure between the mattresses and the result is a perfect spinal alignment. The light-weight sleepers will feel a sense of floating with little body contouring. The medium weight sleepers will feel sunk deep into the foam and polymer combination. And, for the heavyweight people, the mattress will present a greater level of contour.


  • This mattress produces greater bounce when compared to a traditional Memory Foam.
  • This is able to transfer minimal motion
  • It is able to provide cooler sleep than Memory Foam mattresses.
  • This mattress provides the sort of unique balance between soft and firmness. This property helps to dissipate pressure and bring about perfect spinal alignment.
  • The pressure points are effectively reduced to cause a comfortable sleep.
  • They provide solutions for back and neck pain too.
  • These products are available at most customer-friendly prices.



  • Poor edge support is often prejudiced.
  • The smaller size makes it uncomfortable for oversized people
  • The Grid construction has made the mattress exceptionally heavy up to 140 lbs.

13″ Personal Comfort A8 Bed vs Sleep Number i8 Bed – King

These beds are measured for large-sized people. The technology involved seems interesting as it encourages trial and error process. These are embedded with 13” Duvet Style Breathable Pillow Top coupled with Gel Infused Visco Elastic Formation. The mattress is designed and assembled in the USA by an FDA registered facility. The product is exceptional in quality and luxurious in design. The inclusion involves with all possible features that have completed with our exclusive, patented, reversible top cover. The cover allows flipping over and zipping to the center panel that offers the mattress a longer life. It also paves way for spreading the wear and tear across two sides of the top panel. The patented, zipped center panel design also gives access to the center comfort layers. This entire panel contains an evolution foam comfort layer and a ventilated gel-infused Visco memory foam layer enabling rotation of foam layers for longer life much easier. The mattress can be upgraded too. It requires connecting mattress and control wirelessly using the free downloadable app. All Personal Comfort products contain certified flexible polyurethane foams certified by CertiPUR-US.



  • The right setting that is obtainable with the perfect assembly will get you have a better sleep
  • The sleep patterns can be tracked with a smart phone, tab or desktop computer
  • The whole lot of communications is possible over Wi-Fi.
  • The mattress is remarkably helpful in adjusting the pattern with the change of sleep pattern. This is helpful in maintaining the quality of sleep.
  • The firmness can be adjusted to the left and right sides independently.
  • This product is recommended for the lover of techies only.
  • Being it an inventive product, there is no stipulated warranty for these products. But, wise people suggest a period of 10 to 15 years to last for.



  1. The product is a high techie one and thus, is offered at extremely high prices
  2. The mattress requires an adjustment after each use as it can’t adjust itself.
  3. The remote used for operation has very limited functionaries’ option.

Purple Vs Sleep Number Mattress

How to Choose the Best Mattress between Sleep Number vs Purple Mattress

The Sleep Number is not only a costlier product, but it is needed to operate through application of systems. Thus, this product can only be operated by rich and techie people. On the other hand, despite some limitations, the Purple mattress is offered at most economical prices. Thus, persons who want price-friendly will be recommended to buy purple. It is hard to mention any recommendation between these two products.

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