10 ways to Improve Skin

All the women doing effort to make their skin healthy and fresh.

This article provide you a tips, with the help of these tips you can improve your skin naturally and do not need to go somewhere else like expense beauty salon and also no need to buy expense products.

Here this articles provide tips from eating to sleeping that dramatically change your skin, hair and nails. The good news is that all these things are involve in your daily life.  

10 ways to Improve Skin

Moisturize within three minutes of turning off the water

As according to some people thinking moisturizer do not add moisture in the skin. Actually absorb water from skin and protect from fading and oily skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology only take three minutes moisturizer during bath.

Also Dr. Doris suggested that if you were washing your face in hand wash basin then after washing directly apply a moisturizer on your face.

The thing is that skin is made up of tissue as skin is an organ and it work properly when you drink lot of water. Doctors of university of Wisconsin say that unluckily first water is reach in your skin then distributed to other organ of the body. So it is essential to apply water on skin.

Wash your face once a day (preferably at night)

Different dermatologist has same thinking that wash your skin once in a day and also depend upon the type of your skin. In the night do not go to the bed until you wash your make up and pollutant from the skin.

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Add virgin coconut oil to your moisturizing routine

Different famous celebrities used coconut oil to moisture their skin and coconut oil has proven itself a better skin condition treatment.

According to the present study of the international journal of dermatology find Write my Assignment that coconut oil is reduce dehydration from the skin.

Coconut oil is suitable for all skin type and according to the Mara Evangelista, it is cheap, real and suitable for older people more because their skin more dry than us.

Coconut oil is also help to protect your hair from damage because it has a lot of protein in it. It is circulated in all your hair.

Exercise regularly to cleanse skin from the inside

We all know the importance of exercise and it is also true physical fitness play an important role to keep your skin fresh and healthy and also increase blood circulation of your body.

Exercise regularly to cleanse skin from the inside

Blood transfer oxygen and nutrients to whole body also to your skin, according to dermatologist. When blood flow it take away all waste product in the body.

Also in another study it is found that doing physical activity will reduce your age line from skin. People conduct a survey in which people who have age 65 and above will start walking and cycling of 30 minutes two times in a day about three months, after doing this their skin is become so young and fresh.

With the help of microscope dermatologist see inner layer of skin of their people which look very young through exercise.

But do not exercise when the sun rise like between 10 am to 4 pm. If you do this sunburn will appear and also different diseases like skin cancer and acne.

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Sleep on your back

Put your face into your pillow can cause dark circle in your face and soiling in your eyes.

Dark circles are the tiny part of the blood vessel under the eyes. Also try to sleep on your back and keep your head high above your body in bed by using two pillows.

Sleep for at least seven hours

Most people have puffy and sallow eyes when they do not take proper sleep in the night.

The University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland research found that people who do not take proper sleep at night will have damage skin and appear aged line in skin.

People whose sleep habit has more have more fine line on skins also on skin pigmentation is increase and skin become elastic.

Feast on tomato-based food in the summer

By eating tomatoes you can protect your skin from ultra violet radiations.

In 2012 research some women drink tomato paste for 12 week after that their skin is 33% protected from these radiations.  Scientists said that tomato paste act as an equal to a sunscreen with a sun protection.

Take a meal that is rich in tomatoes will help to improve your skin. Tomatoes also has an anti-ageing effect and according to the BBC report that all the western diet mostly consist of a tomatoes dish.

Eat vegetables for better skin tone

Present study show that eating fruit and vegetable more in your meal will increase improve your skin tones and your skin become healthy. Also who take more part of fruit and vegetable in your meal every day will have a more golden skin color.

In one study people eat fruit and vegetables about six week they saw a significant change in their skin tones. Like eating reddish, apricot, pumpkin, carrot and much more.

Introduce yourself to silica

No one can know how silica is effective to our skin, hair and nails, it basically act as a wonder for your body. You can say that it is a second most dominant element after oxygen. When a person is young it has high level of silica this is a reason that why children have a soft skin, silky hair and perfect nails. But when we become younger we have deficiency of silica.

Another thing silica is found in upper layer of any found which is removed during food process. Food that include silica are banana, beer, cereal, wholegrain, green beans, carrot, brown rice and mineral water.

Cover your hair in the sun

Ultra violet radiation is responsible for the hair damage also and weak the hair growth and muscles.

In case if you go for vacation in a such place where sun shines brightly then wear a hat to prevent your hair from ultra violet rays.

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