Choosing What’s Right: The Best Bed for the Best Sleep

A lot of individuals don’t realize that they are already spending a third of their lifespan lying sleeping on their beds. Most of the time, a lot of people take sleep for granted. Some don’t want it because it’s a sign of laziness. However, rest and sleep are more than just lying on the bed. It’s a way for the body to recover and grow. Sleep Like The Dead is a phase where the body resets from a hard day’s work.

It’s a well-known fact that most people work with the right tools. A Surgeon going on an operation certainly wouldn’t want a jackhammer or a wrench as a tool. A Construction worker wouldn’t want a scalpel or a syringe when doing repairs. A lot of people find it weird but this same way thinking goes with sleeping: You also have to sleep with the right bed.

How to choose right best bed for best sleep?Choosing what's right The Best Bed for the Best Sleep

A 2011 survey says that close to 95% of people say that it’s essential to have the best mattress for the best sleep. They believe that every inch of a bed contributes to a better sleeping routine, leading to a much productive state when waking up. Here are some tell-tale factors to know that you are choosing the right bed.

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More isn’t Necessarily the Best

An expensive mattress doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best. There are lots of beds out on the market that is more affordable and comfortable for some. Don’t be fooled by big words from sales reps and other people that say that you need to spend more just to have a good night’s rest. It’s really up to personal preferences, so when you buy a bed make sure to lie down on it and find out for yourself.

Goldilocks Knows Best

When choosing a bed, it’s best to take the Goldilocks approach. Try lying down on a mattress and see if it’s not too hard or too soft. A bed that’s too soft can’t handle pressure and will sink anyone heavy enough to sleep on the bed. A mattress that’s too hard can put more strain on a person’s back and can cause more health hazards.

Goldilocks Knows Best

Adjustable Beds are Good

Adjustable beds are always good choices as they can be very flexible in catering to a person’s needs. With just a few tweaks, an adjustable bed can facilitate a person with breathing and snoring problems by raising the head of the bed. People who have issues with circulation can elevate the footrest so that blood from the legs can circulate to other parts of the body.

Hypoallergenic and Other Stuff

Don’t quickly trust merchandisers when they say that most of their beds are hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic are types of materials that don’t support or prevent the growth of mold, dust mites, and other allergens. A lot of beds boast of this feature but don’t have any means of proving it to their customers.

To be sure that your bed is free from such hazards, try fitting on a washable cover or mattress casing. These type of encasings can significantly prevent the growth of molds and dust mites by preventing them from getting nourishment.

Hypoallergenic and Other Stuff

Durability is a Must

Beds and mattresses should be durable and stand the test of time. Older beds will undoubtedly cause problems, especially to the sleep quality of the person sleeping on the bed. Broken springs inside the mattress can cause discomfort. Wrinkled bed linings can irritate the skin and cause wounds that can turn into an infection.

Old beds often have those problems as mentioned above. A lot of people tend to hold on to their old mattresses and even offer them to their relatives as hand-me-down items. Before you accept such gifts from parents and other family members, make sure that no springs and coils are present. The mattress should also come extremely clean and void of any damages to the fabrics.

For those who want to give away their mattresses, always consider the condition of the bed. If it’s too old and raggy, then consider throwing it away as it will only cause more problems than solving them.


Sleep is an activity that a lot of people take for granted. Those who don’t get enough sleep, end up with several problems such as less productivity, feeling fatigued, and severe mental and physical health issues. Those who take rest seriously but still don’t get enough of it, often have problems involving their mattress.

Similar to a task by professionals which require specific tools, Sleeping also needs the right bed. A person should know right off the bat how his or her bed should feel. First and foremost, a mattress should satisfy an individual’s comfort and preference. Qualities such as being hypoallergenic and durable all should account for finding the best bed.

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