It Is Game Over for Crazy Power Bills: 6 Benefits of Solar Power System at Home

Solar energy has become a trending topic when it comes to environment-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives in generating electricity. Aside from its growing popularity due to the result of the falling cost of solar power systems in the market, you can also save a lot of money when you use  solar in your home.

Using solar energy is also an excellent alternative to burning fossil fuel as an energy source because it does not endanger human health and the environment. What’s more, solar power technology has been improved significantly due to the rising demand in the market, so it is a win-win situation for those people who are looking for the best buy.6 Benefits of Solar Power System at Home

If you want to turn your home into a solar-powered household, here is a list of benefits you need to know by using solar power as an alternative source of energy.

It Will Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bill

What expectations do you have when using solar other than the considerable savings it can give you to your utility bills? It’s either low utility bills or no utility bills at every end of the month!

It is because investing in solar energy decreases your dependence on conventional and expensive energy source as solar panels produce electricity by taking advantage of the sun’s power.

The system pays for itself after 5 to 7 years for you to enjoy less expensive or free electricity for the next 25 years of the lifespan of your solar power system. It means thousands of dollar saved straight into your pocket.

You Can Avail With Government Tax Incentives

Another savings straight into your pocket, baby! It is because aside from the money saved on your monthly electricity bill, you can also take advantage of US government tax incentives for your domestic use of solar energy power.

Since 2009, when the lifting of $2,000 cap on the Federal Solar Tax Credit happened, you can now have 30 percent of your total cost back when you put up a solar power system in your home. By this, you will have $7,500 savings on your $25,000 solar power system. Combine this state and local rebates with the Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and you will have as low as half the original price of your total cost.

It Can Help Preserve the Environment

Perhaps you know it already: solar energy is one practical step to preserve the environment because it produces clean, renewable power from the sun. As a result, when you use solar energy to generate electricity, instead of burning fossil fuels, you minimize greenhouse gas emissions, mainly carbon dioxide.

It Can Help Preserve the Environment

Greenhouse gases emitted when burning fossil fuels are one of the leading reason for the rising global temperatures and climate change. This problem contributes to severe environmental catastrophes such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and ecosystem changes.

The US is the second largest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions, next to China. By going solar, you can minimize the demand for fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save the environment.

It Prevents Respiratory and Cardiovascular Diseases

As one of the benefits of using solar energy is the reduction of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, it undoubtedly has a positive impact on your health.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the extensive use of solar energy would significantly reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and other carbon particulates, all of which can result in various health diseases.

Using solar power is one solution to reduce these air pollutants as solar energy does not emit these toxic chemicals to the air. Hence, it can result in fewer cases of respiratory and cardiovascular problems and cases of chronic bronchitis, among other health benefits.

For sure, it’s high time now that you adopt solar as an energy source for your home. You can check green and energy-efficient products, such as solar panels, at GStore to get you started.

It Boosts the Value of Your Home

Most homebuyers are now putting the environment among their priorities, and when they look for a home property, they look for one that shares the same commitment to preserving the environment.

It Boosts the Value of Your Home

Having solar power system installed in your home can increase the value of your property by gaining high home energy ratings, a standard on how environment-friendly and energy-efficient is your home.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, solar-powered homes will sell 20 percent faster and with 17 percent more profit than households which use conventional energy source.

You Will Achieve Energy Independence

Well, of course, by installing a solar power system in your home, you can gain freedom and independence from the traditional utility grid. It is much better, along with a solar-powered home, you add a battery backup because aside from generating exclusive power, you will also have an energy storage when you need it most.

Solar power system plus storage means your energy source is not grid-tied. You will still have electricity even when there is a blackout in times of disasters.


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