Locust trees and golden healthy benefits

Locust tree which is classified as Magnoliophyta, Magnoliopsida, Fabales, and Caesalpiniaceae. Like the other plants in its family (Fabaceae) it produces a flat legume (pod). Moreover, these pods usually hold many seeds. There are 2 typical kinds of locust tree such as Albizzia lebbek Benth and Gleditsia triacanthos. With medical malfunction, this type of tree used for many different purposes. For many ages, locust trees are famous for medical malfunction as well as good timber trees.

What makes Locust tree become popular

Albizzia lebbek Benth, whose origin from tropical Asia and Australia, is a large deciduous tree with greyish bark and compound leaves. This is timber trees, which have average height is 10_15 metes. Flowers are greenish-yellow in head inflorescences. Fruit pods are yellowish-brown, flat and carry 6-10 seeds. Trees used for many purposes such as the tender branchlets and leaves are used as fodder and the heartwood is dark brown, tough and durable as well. The root bark in powder form is used to strengthen gums. However, Albizzia lebbek Benth is not used popularly for health but for agricultural implements.

Gleditsia triacanthos, which has a common name is Honey Locust. Average height reaches up to 20m depending on variety. About shape, it has medium-large oval shaped and open tree. They live in Sun – very light shade and well-drained soils condition. About their flowers covered by inconspicuous green-white flowers. This species has fruit features like long, flat, slightly twisted seed pods. Its bark is covered with grey color. Stems and trunk can have large, branched thorns. In the autumn, leaves change into golden yellow color. Because of its medical functions, Gleditsia triacanthos widely used over the world.Locust trees and golden healthy benefits

In the past, the pulp for the seed pods regularly used to make shampoo, moreover, it also stimulates scalp hair.  As far as you know, it cleanses the skin layer very effectively. Now, Pulp for the seed pods combined with other ingredients to make soft and silk hair shampoo without toxicity.  Use warm water combined with honey locust if you want silky, smooth hair. Make sure to use it as regular as you can take.

According to medical experts, the most valuable parts of the locust seeds are high in lipid (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrate (16%), and is a good source of fat and calcium for all of us. The seed is first cooked to remove the seed coat and then fermented to produce the desired result.

  1. The fermented locust bean seed is used in controlling diabetes and reducing blood sugar which caused by defective carbohydrate metabolism and characterized by the excessive amount of sugar in the blood and urine.
  2. It is used for treating stuffy and sinusitis effectively.
  3. The water and alcoholic extracts of fermented locust bean are used to kid’s digestive support.
  4. It is used in the management of hair loss.
  5. The locust bean contains tannins, which is often recommended for the treatment of pinworm.
  6. It is a potential benefit for rubbing acne swelling, pain. The thorns of the Honey Locust has also been revealed to help in wound healing and serves as one of the ingredients used in treating scars.
  7. The decoction of the bark is also used as the bath for fever and as a hot mouth wash to steam and relieve a toothache.
  8. It is able to improve the functions of nerve cells and neurons of brain to avoid causing Epilepsy.
  9. It can treat a cough.
  10. It used to suppress Swelling and avoid the whistling sound while breathing to lower risk of Wheezing.

Honey locust is not completely good for every situation

Despite malfunctions of this honey locust it still has a lot of toxic ingredients which users must pay much attention.  Fruit, seeds, leaves, and bark have toxicity. However, they are just highly toxic when you use for medicines, otherwise, they have no influences on health.

  • Pregnant women absolutely shouldn’t use honey locust, this can lead to disadvantage children.
  • People who have digestive or gastric, duodenum diseases shouldn’t use this tree because they include detergents.
  • Excess may cause vomiting and diarrhea.

This type of tree is not definitely good for your health as well as every age, using wrong ways may impact on your body strictly internally.

In generally, honey locust trees used for many strict diseases treatments in low cost. Humans consider to use it and treat effectively. From myriad benefits mentioned above, you can apply to treat properly and it would be better if you put into practice old medical methods. I ensure that it will help you to live longer and healthier. On a second thought, I would argue you to choose this miracle and disregard defective causes to cure you and better up your health.

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