We arrived to Da nang international airport at 8am in a rainy morning, it’s rains like dogs and cats here on the date of summer. The airport is very closed by downtown of Da Nang, but we decide to head to Hoi An by private car transfer from Da Nang airport to Hoi An that we found via internet and and stay there for the first night. We head to a small road near Cham Museum and Dragon Bridge to have My Quang – Quang noodles for our breakfast before go to Marble Mountain.

The road from Da Nang to Hoi An is proudly named Truong Sa, it has many luxury resorts and hotel along the My Khe beach. The secondin our plan is stop in Marble Mountain and explore its caves and religions site. I love this site in the morning, you will feel the wind from beach and sunlight in the morning, it’s more peaceful with the bell ring from Linh Ung pagoda on the top of Thuy Mountains.

Climbing to the top and take great pictures, we back the car on foot instead of electric elevator, I think it’s good for do exercise for new day.

hoi an street_treasures of indochina

Continue explore central coast of Vietnam trip, we arrived to Hoi An Hotel, dropped of our luggage at the reception & driving to Hoi An old town by private car is arrange by Huracars that we pre-book with them from airport. I have to say it’s very similar to Melaka city in Malaysia. The houses are small, old and simple, except everything here is decorated for traveler, English and Chinese are appear more than Vietnamese.

Explore Hoi An ancient town and Japanese bridge, we decided to take a ride to An Bang beach when it’s stop raining, the beach is beautiful and crown, it is a new beach for local and tourism because the Cua Dai beach completely empty since the weather is really bad. The food in Hoi An is amazing good, I love all the vegetable that they offer, especially Banh My Phuong, or other sweet soups, Cao Lau and Banh Dap, Chicken rice.

In the sunset, we back to Hoi An old town to blend in crown people on full moon festival.  Unlike Melaka where all the stores closing around 8–9pm, night activities in Hoi An is very interesting with many activities such as play game card with singer, walk in crowed, or sit near river bank and see the local life here.

Travel tips:

  • You have should book car transfer from Da Nang to Hoi An with Huracars before arrival, so you can save time and money. Furthermore, the driver can speak basic English, so you can ask some request such as stop to lunch, buy somethings, or stop for break.
  • Hoi An is closed with An Bang beach, so you can rent a bicycle to get there, it’s about 20 mins riding.
  • Hoi An has many tailor shop, with many price, you have should chose good one on TripAdvisor or ask for recommendation.
  • Asking price for meals before eating in local restaurant where don’t have menu.

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