Picture Perfect: 6 Famous Wall Decor Ideas For Your Small Place

If you try to decorate a small home, sometimes, it feels like your options are limited. You can’t add square footage to expand the place. You feel like there’s nothing you can do about it.

The solution to your problem is to take advantage of the vast spaces you have at home, and that would be your walls. The empty walls can be your key to have a comfortable and fashionable home.

You can have all sorts of style if you want, there are a lot of techniques that can enhance your wall. It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter, an art enthusiast, or a book lover. You can customize your wall the way you picture it. These ideas may help you decide on what decor you want to apply.

Large-Scale Art

A large-scale art or an oversize painting will catch the attention of your visitors. Large paintings or photographs can set the tone of your home. One idea is, you can add a vibrant abstract color, or you can also place a black and white photo in a small area.

Gallery Wall

From the name itself, gallery wall is one of the most popular decors in most houses nowadays. Having a gallery wall adds character and color to your home. You can have photographs or your family or any photographs that you like. You can also hang a collection of art and paintings.

Showcase Quilt

A showcase quilt or tapestry can be an eye catcher to everyone. It can add a feeling of softness to an area. Best advice is to have a quilt or fabric with a vintage vibe. It is also easier for you to move it from one place to another.


A large mirror can make your place a bit bigger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light. Therefore, you can have a welcoming sense. Try hanging a mirror on the wall that has bright or lighter paint.


Installing shelves in houses are one of the trendy styles that people want. These are applicable if you have crowded and small floor space. If you don’t have any space for your books then might as well build a shelf and take your books to the wall. You can also install floating shelves for small sculptures and other display.

Display Plates

It has entirely become a trait for most people to hide their excess plates if not needed. Why hide your beautiful plates when you can show it to everyone? With the use of wire plate hangers, you can display your first-rate dishes and platters.


In addition to decorating your walls, think about painting the walls themselves. You can try a bright and vivid color to emphasize the beauty of your walls. If you want to know different ideas and techniques about paints, you can visit paintstucco.com. Decorating a small space doesn’t have to be hard, you just need patience and adequate research.

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