Is it possible to develop technology which would eliminate the need to sleep?

Sleeping is considered to be an amendatory process, That for least every animal has to go through. Not as much of a consideration, It’s a necessity for better functioning of a human body. So what makes it so important and why can’t just stay awake forever? On average a human spends about 20 years their life sleeping, What if we never had to go through that, Wouldn’t we be so much more productive and be able to achieve so much more in our lifetime? Could there be some kind of technology in future which could completely eliminate the need to sleep? Could you finally play the last game of fortnite at 3AM without having to worry about school the next way?

The answer is Yes, We sure would be more productive and would surely achieve unimaginable things but when seen from a scientific perspective, It’s not really possible, Evolution has progressed us in a way which makes sleeping a necessary process.

Is it possible to develop technology which would eliminate the need to sleep

What happens when you sleep?

When we sleep, Our body goes through an array of processes that are meant to refresh out the body. From what we know, Sleep is necessary not so much for the body but for the brain. Our brain produces waste when it’s extensively used, This waste has to be processed out of it for a better functioning and that is why we experience sleep. This is the time all this process takes place and by the time we are done, we are all good to live another day at out maximum efficiency. There are several others fascinating things that happen when we are sleeping, let’s find more about them.

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Paralyzed muscles

Paralyzed muscles

There are several stages of sleep, The deepest stage of sleep also called the 3rd stage is where your muscles are completely paralyzed and we have no control over them. If you wake up during this, you might experience this paralysis and unable to control your limbs, This doesn’t usually happen but if it doesn’t, don’t worry, You would be all good in a few seconds, This time is needed for the brain for action upon the situation and act the part of brain which is responsible for the movement of these muscles.

Ryan from Gaming In My DNA has the experience to share

“I often experience weird and unheard sleep experiences; It’s probably because of my unusual sleep pattern. I usually stream late night on Twitch, and this one day I was exhausted and instead went to sleep as soon as I hit the bed. Next moment I found myself trying to move but unable to, This freaked me out, and I couldn’t figure out what to do. Fortunately, it was because I woke in the middle of deep sleep (likely due to a dream). In an instant, I was baffled and scared. Thought I found out there was nothing wrong, It still scares me, It is not a pleasant experience. I think it’s best to have a fixed sleeping schedule, It eliminates most unwanted experiences you could run into while sleeping”

Rapid eye movement

Just to warn you, This is going to sound weird but it’s completely true. There are 5 stages of sleep and each has a different purpose. The rapid moment is concerned with the 3rd stage of sleep, In this stage we also experience dreams and we are unaware of what is happening to our physical self, During this out eyes experience continuous back and forth moment. We don’t know if there is any benefit of this yet, All we know it that is happens.

You wouldn’t grow if you didn’t sleep

A hormone responsible for the growth in humans is released when we sleep, No sleep would mean you wouldn’t grow at all. This happens because sleeping is probably the best time for weaker sells to make harder bonds since there is not much moment. From what we know, It seems to be necessary for bone growth. There is even a surgery you can go through which claims to make you taller, This surgery is nothing but a replication of how human growth works. It is a long 9 months process in which the patient’s leg bones are broken and stretched slowly over time so that new cells can take place of the older ones. Apparently, it works but it’s a very painful process which requires a lot of time.

Our heart rate slows down

This is a common fact and not as fascinating as others mentioned above but the reason behind it clearly is.  Our heart pumps blood so it can reach everywhere in the body, The blood basically contains oxygen that is a necessary element for cells to work. More oxygen is required when the cells do more work and less is required in the alternative state. When we are sleeping our body doesn’t possess any muscular moments at all, This makes the need for oxygen minimal and in this time the heart can relax a little as it doesn’t have to pump as hard as it would have to otherwise.

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This brings us to the main topic of this article, What would happen if we didn’t sleep?

Staying awake for longer than intended can cause major bodily harm. It can affect out reaction time, mood, learning, and many more things. Sleeplessness can also cause inflammation hallucination, high blood pressure and it has also been linked to obesity.

There is an ever a story in which a soccer fan died because he didn’t sleep for 48 hours as he wanted to watch the world cup. This is not usually and wouldn’t happen in most cases but the dedicated fan is said to have had a weak heart which couldn’t keep up with his excitement and ended up giving him a stroke during the world cup.

There have been many experiments in which subjects stayed awake for several days, In all the cases it leads to serious problems in their metabolism and temporary damage to their brain. Concluding that is not healthy to not sleep for long hours and can have serious effects on your body.

If you would like to learn more about the topic, The video below is a great resource.

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