Delightful Warmth: 4 Types Of Space Heaters For Your Home

Space heaters, portable heaters, room heaters, and auxiliary heaters are an efficient and energy-saving way to produce heat in enclosed spaces in your home. Heaters are essential especially for those people who live in a cold-climate country. It is an excellent way of heating up a room without changing the thermostat of the house.

There are three types of portable space heaters. Convection, radiant, and conductive. Some of these heaters are portable which makes it convenient to move from one place to another, and each of these types has its function and power.  

When choosing one, always keep in mind the size of the area because there are three particular variety of heaters with different features and the differences may vary depending on your choice. Take a look at the three different types of heaters and decide what heater is best for your home.  


Convection type heaters produce heat by heating the air which comes in contact with one or several elements. Convection heaters are quieter and a little bit heavier than the other types of heaters. This heater produces heat slowly but lasts for quite a long time. Also, convection heaters don’t make noises while functioning.

When it comes to heating large spaces like the living room, basement, and master bedroom, a convection heater is the most efficient for those areas. Designers and critics named convection heaters as the “king of the space-heating world,” as it is most potent in larger spaces.


Conductive or “Micathermic” heater is a type of heater that uses thin sheets of mica. Micathermic heaters are a combination of conductive and radiant heat. It is thinner than the other types of heaters. This unique type of heater produces 80% of convection heat and 20% radiant heat. Conductive heaters are mountable and usually lightweight.

Micathermic panel heaters have similarities to convection heaters. Like convection heaters, these type of heaters don’t produce noise while functioning. It also uses the airflow inside the area or the room to circulate heat. This kind of heater is an advantage for people who have allergies as dust doesn’t circulate while Micathermic heaters are functioning.

Conductive heaters are efficient in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and small rooms. Also, for the safety of everyone in the house, this kind of heater isn’t recommended when children and pets are around.


Radiant or Infrared heater produces direct heat from infrared rays. These infrared rays provide warmth to the people and not to the room. If someone stands beside it, this heater starts to produce warmth in their body.

Radiant heaters are essential for people who want heat quickly. Also, radiant heaters are much more silent and energy-efficient than the other space heaters. The downside of an infrared heater is that too much exposure may not be healthy for your body.

This type of heater is not recommended for use in the bedroom as they emit red light that produces heat and light may hinder you from sleeping.


Choosing the right heater for your home depends on what’s the most suitable heater for your home. Also, when buying or installing a space heater consider the safety of everyone in your house especially the children and pets.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what heater should you use, you can visit Provincial Heating and Cooling. They can help you identify the type of heater that is essential for your home and also they can help you with the installation and maintenance of your space heater. Remember, choose the best heater and you’ll undoubtedly stay comfy all year round.

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