Flawless Belongings: 7 Tips for Cleaning Everything in Your Home

We’ve encounter tight schedules sometimes and forget to do our chores. We often don’t realize it but cleaning comes a long way. Regardless of how busy you are, the surroundings of your house will significantly affect your lifestyle.

Tight schedules don’t mean that you can’t do household chores. The following guidelines below will give proper regulation ideas of how often you should clean everything in your home including your bedroom, kitchen stove, and all different items and parts.

Beddings and Pillow cases

Wash your pillowcases and duvet covers for a minimum 40 degrees Celsius in a washing machine at least once a week. Washing them will kill harmful bacteria that may cause skin irritation and allergies. You could also vacuum your mattress every fortnight to avoid dust mites.

Carpets and Rugs

Make your home allergy-free by cleaning your carpets every six to twelve months or more frequently if you have pets. Research shows that uncleaned floors have adverse effects on your health because this will affect the indoor air quality.


Clean your dishwasher by using warm soapy water. Afterwards, run a dash of vinegar to clean it thoroughly. It’s a great way to remove any grease or odour. Regular maintenance will ensure your dishwasher runs at its maximum efficiency.

Personal Computer

Some people usually eat their meals at the desk of their personal computers making the keyboard a hotbed for bacteria. Researchers found out that uncleaned keyboards contain bacteria five times more than a toilet seat.

Don’t allow your computer or its parts to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Provide time to clean your computer components. For safety, use cleaning tools and be cautious when using any PC-friendly chemicals. You’re not just making your personal computer clean and tidy, but you also make it look new.


One of the most crucial appliances in your home is the refrigerator. Thus, it’s vital to keep it clean. Your fridge deserves respect and constant upkeep because this is where you get and store your perishables such as fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Clean your refrigerator every three to four months. Turn off the appliance first and put all your food in a cooler. Remove all the shelves and drawers and wash them with hot soapy water. Make sure to remove food that are past their expiration date.


The bathtub is one of the dirtiest areas in your house. The bacteria found in tubs can be compared to bacteria found in the trash cans. These bacteria cause the most cases of severe skin infection. To keep yourself away from possible diseases, clean your bathtub at least once a week.

If the mess is too much for you, you can contact professional cleaning services. A lot of establishments like Maid Complete Dallas location for example, have staff that specialize in a lot of specific cleaning services.


The mirrors in our home can frequently be forgotten when we do overall cleaning. Mirrors in your rooms needs to be wiped down every week. Use a natural or all-purpose detergent to gently wipe your mirrors and keep away dust, fingerprints and even droplets of water. Making your mirrors clean and clear give you a better reflection.


To make your home cleaning enjoyable, you can listen to different lively music while following the cleaning tips above. These home management ideas could make your home fresh and tidy regardless of how busy you are. Supervise and love your home by keeping it clean.  

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