How To Clean Out The Cellular Shades

The cellular window shades could well be an indoor installation, but that does not mean that it does not need the occasional tending.  Most specialized solutions like the honeycomb blinds need to be approached with just the right focus to have the best results. Another aspect to the cleaning activity is to keep the material used in the construction of the blinds in mind when picking out a cleaning method.

In the case of the top down bottom up cellular shades or honeycomb shades, the cleaning can be split into three major parts. Each of the actions is discussed in brief below.


Dusting is an integral part of the cleanup of the zebra shades. Even in cases where the shades are used in controlled situations, like the air-conditioned rooms, there is bound to be a small covering of fine dust on the outsides of the fabric that makes the outer parts. It is advisable to use a light dusting action which can be brought on by the use of feathers or the nylon bristle light brushes meant for the purpose.


How To Clean Out The Cellular Shades

How To Clean Out The Cellular Shades


Some advanced dusting techniques use the power of attraction of static electricity to remove the dust accumulated on a set of cellular curtains. Care must be taken to limit the downward force applied to the shades in the dusting process as it could put out the shape of the cellular pockets between the outer fabrics.


Most of the home installations of cellular shades need just the slight vacuuming possible. The idea is to remove the hard to get dust that could have still clung on after a light dusting. If the vacuuming is being done regularly, then just the most common household vacuum cleaning would be sufficient for the job. In case a strong cleaning action is desired, then it would be best to have a professional cleaner to pay a visit.

The practical way to handle the vacuuming is to have it done regularly with the home cleaner and to have the professional cleaners come by once a year or so.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is carried out to remove stains and marks which could have been formed over time. In the case of home use of the bottom up cellular shades, it is possible to have a fair bit of spots and blots on the shades. In case some sort of scrubber needs to be applied to the fabric to remove the tough spots, it must be done in such a way as to keep the honeycomb structured fabric column intact all the time. Damages to the internal structure of the cellular shades must be avoided as it is not possible to make repair later.


Regular cleaning keeps the cellular shades looking attractive for long periods of use. Any kind of solvent must be applied only with due caution as it could cause the permanent discoloring of the fabric material. In case there are issues which need to be handled by a professional approach then it is best to seek such assistance.

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